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Kentucky Funeral Directors Association

As early as 1861, persons engaged in funeral service met informally to discuss issues of common interest. Mr. T. J. Danahy of Lexington had been in correspondence with the undertakers of the various towns and cities in Kentucky in an effort to organize a convention or association for the purpose of mutual assistance, information, and so forth for a year. Then in 1882, the formal organization of the Kentucky Undertaker's Association was established statewide. With this humble, yet sturdy beginning, The Funeral Directors Association of Kentucky was born. It has continued to this day as a strong organization to promote high professional ideas and public service. The burial association movement in the southern United States in the 1930s gave the Kentucky Association some difficulties. Recognizing this, Kentucky funeral directors moved to establish a legitimate, fiscally sound burial insurance plan which would be in the public interest and meet the desire to fund funerals with insurance. The result of this activity was the establishment of the Kentucky Funeral Directors Burial Association in 1947. The Funeral Directors Association of Kentucky and the Kentucky Funeral Directors Burial Association have combined their efforts to provide good service to the people of Kentucky while representing the common interests of its members. Growth of the Association The Funeral Directors Association of Kentucky has grown to a membership of 500 firms and associate members.

National Funeral Directors Association

NFDA has a governing structure that includes a nine-member elected Executive Board, a Policy Board made up of representatives from every state, and a House of Delegates. NFDA’s Constitution and NFDA's Bylaws are the official documents outlining NFDA’s governing structure. The number of delegates is based on the number of members in a state. NFDA strongly encourages its members to participate in these volunteer positions, as well as join one of NFDA’s committees, which focus on NFDA operations, educational opportunities, communications, government relations, and special tasks forces. NFDA also develops funeral service leaders through effective partnerships with allied and state-level funeral associations. Staffed by 49 employees, NFDA is headquartered in Brookfield, Wisconsin, and has a government relations office in Washington, D.C., which proactively works to ensure that the nation’s lawmakers understand the issues affecting funeral directors and the families they serve. NFDA is classified as a 501(c)6 non-profit organization